Sourei Kobashi
Alias Silent Mirage of the Hidden Mist
Age Twenty-One
Height 5'4
Weight 147 lbs.
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color White
Birthdate July, 31st
Country Mizu no Kuni
Village Kirigakure no Sato
Rank Elite Jounin

Seven Shinobi Swordsman

Assistant to the Mizukage

Face Claim Hitsugaya Toshiro - Bleach

Character OverviewEdit

Kobashi is the current heir to the Sourei clan and holds the rank of elite jounin in Kirigakure no Sato where he also holds the positions of the Mizukage's assistant and a member of the Seven Shinobi Swordsman.

Kobashi currently balances the responsibilities of helping to run the Sourei clan when his grandfather is unable to along with his responsibilties of handling many of the day to day matters for the village.

These things include, but are not limited to balancing budgets, planning the weekly patrol routes and overseeing other village operations. Needless to say the young man has taken a lot upon himself and continues to place more upon his shoulders.

The reason for this is quite simple. Kobashi is a true loyalist when it comes to Kirigakure. He spends nearly every waking moment doing something to help better the village and expects no less of anyone else.